Thursday, October 23, 2014

Experts in Physiotherapy from London Gave Stroke Victim’s Life Back

Any capable physio in London knows the importance of having friends or family supporting patients as they undergo physiotherapy. They can get involved in the on-going sessions then take over once the patient has left the hospital premises to continue exercising at home. Recovery Tips Experienced practitioners like CK Physiotherapy recommend that after the initial sessions at the clinic or hospital, patients need to continue on their own, tracking their progress in a notebook or journal. Once they are strong enough, they should consult the physiotherapist about resuming sports activity. The trick with therapy is to be patient with the process and the results.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Physiotherapy | Hanwell London | 020 8566 4113, We provide Physiotherapy treatments in Hanwell London. Call Us Today at 020 8566 4113 or Visit: CK Physiotherapy 57 Elthorne Avenue Hanwell, London W7 2JY United Kingdom 020 8566 4113 CK Physiotherapy provides Hanwell clients with professional Physiotherapy treatment. Our staff specializes in Electrotherapy (Ultrasound), Electrotherapy (Interferential) and Electrotherapy (TENS). Our staff are qualified and experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who provide individual treatment in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. We visit to the patient's home if necessary. Our staff are looking forward to helping you. For further information get in touch with us at: 020 8566 4113

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ealing Physiotherapy could Save the NHS a Lot from Injury Treatment

It’s indeed a pity that advice from Ealing physio practices like CK Physiotherapy fall on deaf ears much of the time. It costs next to nothing to heed their guidance, and doing so will pay off handsomely for both the NHS and the patient. "Physiotherapists deliver services that develop strength and balance, educate people about risk factors and provide essential information on what to do if they do suffer a fall. Too many lives are being ruined by unnecessary falls despite specialist support being available that could prevent them and save huge sums for the NHS at the same time."