Monday, July 14, 2014

London Physiotherapy Helps Football Athletes Bounce Back from Injury

During the rehabilitation phase, the injured person’s activities typically have to be limited, and gradually accelerated. It is the job of the physiotherapist to plan and create a schedule according to the patient’s condition and the progress of the healing process. The physiotherapist will always prioritise the need for a full recovery without risking aggravation or relapse, as well as minimisation of pain and discomfort.
One doesn’t have to be a star athlete to get London physio treatments from reputable practices like CK Physio. Regardless of level of fitness, certified physiotherapists can assess a patient’s health needs and employ the appropriate treatments. By providing medical advice and applying therapeutic techniques, these professionals can help patients get back to their best possible form, and even back on the field as quickly and safely as appropriate.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ealing Physiotherapy: Common Sports Injuries when Running Marathons

Sprained ankles are also common sports injuries for runners. Here, the ligaments in the ankle are torn as the joint is rolled too outwardly, which could happen when running on uneven surfaces, or landing in awkward positions. The injury also results in pain and swelling in the area. Other ligaments in the legs may tear and cause similar – or worse – symptoms.
Specialists that provide physiotherapy around Ealing, such as CK Physio, can help in the management of these conditions. Hot and cold treatments, manipulative or exercise therapy, and other techniques can be administered to reduce the symptoms and restore the affected area’s function and range of movement. Certified therapists can also design a rehabilitation programme for faster positive outcomes in recovery.