Friday, May 12, 2017

Physiotherapy Helps Stroke Survivors Attain Complete Rehabilitation

Survivors of stroke can benefit significantly from accessing physiotherapy as it supports effective recovery.

Find Out How Physiotherapy Supports the Recovery of Stroke Survivors

Physiotherapy will help you improve movement and strength by learning how to use both sides of the body once more. Here’s how physiotherapy can help you recuperate from the effects of stroke and what treatment methods may be applied.

How Physiotherapy Supports Neuroplasticity

Stroke can affect either the right or left hemisphere of your brain. Right-hemisphere stroke can lead to left-sided paralysis or weakness, visual problems in the left eye, and memory problems. Left-hemisphere stroke can produce right-sided weakness or paralysis, speech problems, visual problems in the right eye, impaired mathematical or reasoning abilities, and memory deficits. Read more from this article:

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