Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Physio Hastens Recovery After Being Sidelined from a Tennis Injury

The majority of tennis players will experience an injury at some point in their careers, whether they play professionally or for fun. Although you can take steps to prevent damage, such as warming up and cooling down effectively, sometimes injuries can’t be prevented.

How a Physio Treatment Returns you Back to Action on the Court in a Short Time

If you’ve experienced a sudden injury while playing tennis, you’ll likely know that the recommended course of action is PRICER (protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation and rehabilitation). But what does that final step look like for those who have a tennis injury?

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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Hidden Positive Effects of Physiotherapy You Should Know About

There are many reasons people seek the services of a physiotherapist. They may be experiencing pain or limited function in their joints that affects their mobility. Though these are common reasons to initially start physiotherapy, there are many other positive side effects that can make it even more worthwhile for you.
You May Be Surprised by Some of the Healthy Benefits of Physiotherapy to the Body

Following are three less-known benefits of physiotherapy that might surprise you.

Physiotherapy Rudiments Can Make Your Digestive System Work Better

You’ll Sleep Much Better

Pain or restriction in movement can interfere with your sleep by not allowing you to sleep in a comfortable position. Physiotherapists aim to restore movement and function through exercises and techniques that strengthen the muscles and joints. After a regular regimen of said exercises and physiotherapy, you will find your natural agility and mobility restored.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Physiotherapy Heal Injuries You Have Sustained Playing Rugby

The best way to recover from sports related injuries is to seek the help of a professional physiotherapy clinic as well, as many of them specialize in sports injuries. Because of this, most premiership rugby teams have retained the services of team physiotherapists.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

A physiotherapist will do a complete assessment of your rugby injury, and provide you with a comprehensive course of treatment that will be aimed at getting you back to normal and back to playing rugby as soon as possible.

A physiotherapist will also be able to advise you the best time to return to training, and will create a structured rehabilitation programme for you. They will focus on restoring your muscle strength and joint stability to ensure that your body can cope with the physical demands of the sport. A proper physiotherapy programme can include anything from manipulative therapy, soft tissue massage, posture and muscle imbalance correction, and exercise therapy and management.Read more on this article.