Thursday, March 13, 2014

Physiotherapy for Ankle Injuries

The ankle is a very important joint that can perform a wide range of movement including inversion, eversion, extension, flexion, etc. All this is necessary for proper balance while standing, walking, or running. The ankles take on the full weight of the body, and the forces that they absorb are considerable. Too much pressure on the ankles can lead to injury.

Most ankle injuries are caused when the foot twists inwards. When this happens, the full weight of the body is sustained by the ankle’s anterior talo-fibular ligament, and if the pressure is too much for the ligament to handle, it may stretch and sustain minute tears, or it may tear completely.

Most ankle tears are fairly minor ones that get better with basic self-care treatment. If the injury is severe, however, you’ll need to seek professional advice immediately. Indicators of a serious injury include excessive ankle pain, a deformed appearance, broken skin, and pain and swelling that gets worse over the first few days.

Oftentimes, a patient with a broken ankle will need to see a physiotherapist. Your general physician, as well as a hospital casualty or orthopaedic department can arrange for you to meet with one. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one directly. Physiotherapists generally advertise in the local papers and the Yellow Pages.

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